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Quarterly Presentation

Monday, March 13th, at 7:30pm

Our next quarterly meeting will take place on Monday, March 13th at the Turnpike Plaza Building, 197 Rte 18 South, in East Brunswick, immediately off of NJ Turnpike, Exit 9 - see below for specific location and directions. As always, the quarterly presentation offers free and easy parking and is free and open to both clinicians and to the general population.

Thinking Backwards: Overcoming OCD Through Paradoxical Intention

Presented by OCDNJ President, Allen H. Weg, EdD

"Heighten your anxiety in order to lower your anxiety. If you need to leave, you need to stay. Do on purpose what you are afraid you'll do by accident. Gain control by letting go of control." The understanding and treatment of OCD is full of counter-intuitive concepts that are difficult for most people, at least initially, to understand and accept. This presentation reviews how "thinking backwards"not only makes sense in the treatment of OCD, but that it is the most powerful strategy for undermining the disorder and moving towards recovery. Multiple illustrations from actual OCD cases will be reviewed so that participants may clearly see specific applications in the real world of OCD.

Through repeated and varied illustrative cases, participants will learn how to identify linear, logical thinking that, in the experience outside of OCD, is often appropriate and functional, but within the context of struggling with OCD, leads to poor choices in behavioral responses to obsessional thought. Understanding this approach will allow those with OCD to better choose behavioral responses to OCD obsessions that lead in the direction of recovery and mastery over the disorder.

Allen H. Weg. Ed.D. - President

Dr. Allen WegDr. Allen Weg is a New Jersey Licensed Psychologist. He is Founder and Director of Stress and Anxiety Services of New Jersey, an independent multi-clinician practice with offices in East Brunswick and Springfield, specializing in cognitive behavioral treatment of OCD spectrum disorders and anxiety disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. Over 75% of clients in his practice present with a primary diagnosis of OCD. He is the author and presenter on the practice's Youtube channel, "OCD Tips," a series of short video clips reviewing strategies for improving one's Exposure and Response treatment program for OCD.

Dr. Weg is also co-founder and President on the Board of Directors of OCD New Jersey, an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), and is on the Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board of the IOCDF.

In addition, Dr. Weg has been a field clinical supervisor for graduate students at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University since 1991. Over the years he has presented over 100 times to many professional mental health organizations on the topic of the cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders.

Dr. Weg has received certifications for the treatment compulsive hair pulling and skin picking from The Professional Training Institute (PTI) of The Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) Foundation, and for the treatment of OCD from the IOCDF's Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI). He is presently a faculty member of both the PTI and the BTTI. He was featured on the ABC news show Primetime 20/20, which focused on the treatment of children with OCD, as well as NPRs Voices in the Family, where he discussed OCD treatment.

Dr. Weg has authored the book, OCD Treatment Through Storytelling: A Strategy for Successful Therapy, which was published in 2011 by Oxford University Press.




Directions and Parking

Remember, as always, our quarterly meetings are free and open to the public. Parking is also free.

VENUE: For information, directions, and photos of this building with virtual tour, go to:www.silvertreecommercialrealestate.com and click on the 197 Route 18 South property. The address is 197 Route 18 South, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. We will be meeting on the first floor in the Cafe area of the North Tower. To clarify, this is the Turnpike Plaza on East Brunswick going south. It is NOT the two giant towers with the Hilton between them (these are called, "Tower Center") further north on Rte 18 North.

From the NJ Tpke: Take Exit 9 and bear left immediately after the toll booth towards East Brunswick. This puts you immediately on Rte 18 South. Once on Rte 18 South, in less than 1 mile look for a sign for Days Hotel and Hooters on your right. Immediately afterward passing the signs, make right at the light onto Eggars St, Kennedy Blvd, and immediate next right onto Sudyam, and an immediate right up the ramp into the parking deck. Once you go up the ramp, continue up the second ramp to the second level, go left and park at the far end. Once out of your car, just walk directly out of the parking deck to the main entrance to the building, about a 50 ft walk. Once through the building's front door, make an immediate left, and the 3rd door on your right is the entrance to the cafe meeting room.

From Rte 18 North: Take 18 north to Naricon Pl and bear right, make a U-Turn at Tower Center Blvd, Take first left onto County Rd 257 S, putting you on Rte 18 South. Follow above directions.

From local area in East Brunswick: Take Ryders Lane towards New Brunswick, pass Tices Lane, but before you get to the exit for Route 1, make a right on Sullivan. The road forks right away, bear right to stay on Sullivan. Follow over the Turnpike, and then make a left onto Eggers Street. Make the left just before you hit Rte 18, which puts you on the ramp behind the building, and you can enter the parking lot from there.

Please phone 732-476-4021 with any questions

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